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Limitations on Guild chat channels

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Limitations on Guild chat channels

Post by ceannric on Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:50 am

Having had a few occasions where one officer or another puts the kabosh on a conversation happening in the in-game Guild chat, because they felt it was 'inappropriate', I felt compelled to say something about it.

I personally have seen no Guild 'Code of Conduct', either in the Guild Management window or here, detailing specifications on what is and isn't 'allowed' in chat channels...maybe I missed it? Apparently it is left up to 'common sense', which, as we all know, isn't common. What 'crosses a line' can vary dramatically from person to person. It seems as if it is entirely contingent upon whatever Officer happens to be on at the time and whether or not they find it offensive. This is completely arbitrary and leaves the door wide open for misunderstandings.

Are there kids around? Yes, Neverwinter is not an adult-rated game. Does that mean we all have to walk on eggshells, 100% of the time, for fear of corrupting their fragile little minds...? Like instances when there are only a dozen people in the channel and they all know each other to be adults? Where does responsible parenting enter the mix, and managing what they have access to? You catch my drift.

With new recruits coming in all the time, I submit that there needs to be a documented Guild policy on such inevitabilities, a Guild Charter as it were, that lays out the expectations and restrictions of membership, including any 'forbidden' subject matter, rules against profanity, etc. This will help avoid confusion and keep everyone on the same page.


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Re: Limitations on Guild chat channels

Post by ldarbs on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:34 pm

Thanks for your input on this...I'll chat with some others about my initial ideas for this and see what they think, then post it here as well as have a guild email about it.

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