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Foundry content

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Foundry content

Post by ceannric on Sat Jul 09, 2016 7:12 am

I wasn't sure where to put this so I stuck it here--this is a list of all the Foundry content I have created, including both quest-like adventures and simple roleplaying maps suitable for small gatherings (I was only recently able to re-publish them all after the Foundry was broken by Cryptic's last mod). Feel free to leave reviews and feedback.

((Notes: Foundry authors have NO control over any loot that drops. Also--there was a bug in Foundry which made it basically impossible to keep a party of people all in the same instance once you got in past the 2nd map on any given other words, 1st map you were fine...2nd map you could get everyone back together IF you stepped out into PE and back in...anything past that and you had no choice but to go solo. This may still be the case.))

White Tiger, Black Lion NWS-DTEST6KJ6 (campaign), consisting of three parts:

Act I: Wounded Tiger NW-DLWHOT5S5
The Black Lion Clan is a shadowy order of hired killers, and an ancient foe of the esteemed White Tiger Temple of Shou Lung.  Now these brutal assassins have followed the tiefling warmage Shard to her new home and kidnapped her from her very doorstep...what is it they want? Investigate the mystery and put an end to their nefarious plans....

Act II: Vengeful Lion NW-DUVEPJQVO
Thwarted in their attempt to kidnap Shard and use her blood, the Black Lions now embark upon a more direct and violent vendetta. Can they be stopped?...

Act III: Roars in the Dark NW-DBMRPCTWC
'Where force fails, guile prevails'...That has been the mantra of the Black Lion Clan for centuries. Now bereft of their inhuman allies, the Clan resorts to dark magic and deceit. It seems nothing short of the destruction of the Black Lions will end their meddling.....

A Sticky Affair NW-DNUFGBG32
You get the distress call, seems something was stolen from one of your shipments, right out from under the noses of the crew! It's possible they maaaay have been indulging in a bit too much grog at the time, but never mind need to get that merchandise back before your reputation is ruined!

Longsaddle: A Stranger Comes NW-DQGFSWAWY
Odd happenings in the countryside...could this be the Order of the Blue Flame at work?

Turtle Soup NW-DKLHBXNY7 (Cryptic Cult of the Dragon prize-winning entry)
The Cult of the Dragon isn't only in the west of Faerun, and they're up to no good again! Head east to the exotic lands of silk & spice and put an end to their misguided zealotry!! **  
**Based on FR lore--Yes, there ARE indeed Yakuza in the Forgotten Realms! Check it out:

Red Shadow Treehouse NW-DK3VHOFB5
A Wild elf's treehouse home (for RP only; some optional combat! Don't forget to explore around the base!)

Pirate Bar: The Vulgar Unicorn NW-DQGFVGMIY
Come visit The Vulgar Unicorn, a grungy dockside bar frequented by pirates, rogues, mutineers and ne'er-do-wells! Includes a shady back room for double dealings! And grog! (FOR RP ONLY; some optional combat)

The S.S. Peregrine NW-DHJOD4M83
A swift ship and a loyal crew, what more do you need out of life? The S.S. Peregrine, as swift as her namesake, is as proud as they come...a top-class smuggler ship with a few trade secrets. Take a stroll on the deck for fresh ocean air, or nip inside to pay a visit to the galley and take a break. (FOR RP ONLY; some optional combat)

Stone Ghost Cave NW-DPLOHENLR
A cozy little cave to suit half-orc tastes. (FOR RP ONLY)

Shou Lung Home NW-DN8KKAHA9
A home patterned after the style of Shou Lung/Wa, with living room, dining area, bedrooms, bath, meditation room, music room, library and kata mat. (FOR RP ONLY)

Jiangxue (Snowfall Tower) NW-DMTZTV67V
A wizard's luxury tower by lakeside in the mountains: 3 1/2 levels complete with a bar, gardens, living quarters,  a secret chamber, even a treehouse and a hot tub! (FOR RP ONLY; SOME OPTIONAL COMBAT)

A Pleasant Day for a Spelljam NW-DCUA84O6L
Cruising through the Phlogiston on a sturdy Spelljammer skyship. What could go wrong? (RP MAP. Some optional combat!)

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