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How to get from 0-60 Easy

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How to get from 0-60 Easy

Post by MythRohan on Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:29 am


  • You can pick any name you like, it doesn't have to be unique. You have a unique name generated for you which is CharacterName@AccountName.
       Your choice of god/city/etc. doesn't seem to matter.
  • The 'rolled' stats are not random, there are a set few to choose from - pick one that suits your character.
  • If you mouse over any stat in your character screen it'll give you all sorts of details about it, so you can understand how all your gear/skills effect you.
  • You can pick a title by pressing the edit profile button on your character details window. You earn titles by completeing achievements.
  • Always make sure you have enough potions for an adventure. Eventually you'll have loads from drops, but early on you might not so only use them when you have to (50% health).
  • The first set of feats (on the left) you can invest in any way you want, every point you put in will push along the progress bar and unlock the next tier. The right feats work in a similar way, but      each of the three branches is separate. So, to get a second tier feat in one branch you need to invest 5 points in that branch. You can still invest in the other branches though, but you unlock their tiers separately.
  • If you stand next to a camp fire for a few seconds or so you'll get two good buffs as well as healed.
  • You get two character slots per account for free, but you can create as many accounts as you like.
  • When Control Wizards get to level 10 you unlock the special power slot (TAB by default) which allows you to have one upgraded version of an encounter power, details at the bottom of the power's description.
  • You can drag powers from your power selection screen to your hotbar. There is an 8 second cooldown, however this is sufficiently short a time that you can swap for key encounters - i.e. switch powers for dealing with a boss.
  • If you die you become injured which slows you down and can weaken you, use injury kits to remove the injury. Always have several injury kits on you when attempting dungeons, particularly from the mad dragon onwards. (Unless you BUY V.i.P for 1000 Zen for 1 Month - 5400 Zen for 6 months)
  • Don't respec while levelling up, wait until you're 70 then do it. It's quick to level in this game, so having a few points here and there in less than optimal positions is no bother.


  • You can access skirmishes, dungeons, and foundry (user-made) content from the in-game home page (shortcut L by default).
  • You can also access the daily quests from the home page, the big icon in the bottom right.
  • Lore that you find goes into your Journal (shortcut J), in the far right tab. It's broken down by area but unfortunately is not ordered within each section.
  • There are achievements in the middle tab of your journal, there is a tick box to also show those that you have attained already.
  • If you feel you're over-levelled for an area you can go to Sergeant Knox in the Protectors Enclave to get the next quest line in the next area.
  • Going into deep water will kill you instantly (beware in the lizard man area).
  • Dungeons from the Mad Dragon onwards are generally much, much harder than anything you've done in game until that point.
  • If you're on a quest to kill X of something (and you will be, a lot) if you meet other players and you kill them together, you all get the kills count against your quest. So it's good to help people out, particularly when they're struggling.


  • You'll eventually get to buy a companion for 2G as part of a quest. (Apparently you can get your first free, but somehow I missed that).
  • To level extra companions hassle free, just switch to them before handing in your quests, then switch back.
  • Pick a companion that you think will best fit your playstyle. For example, as a ranged Control Wizard my favorite companion is the man-at-arms as he tanks mobs while I blast them.
  • Different companions are useful in different circumstances, in particular in dungeons I use a cleric for healing rather than a man-at-arms for tanking.
  • You can switch instantly, so if you're not running with a cleric by default you can switch to your cleric to get healed, then switch them back.
  • In the last areas (level 58+) my man-at-arms was being put down way too quickly so swapped to a cleric and things went more smoothly.


  • You can buy a mount for 5G, which you should have together around level 20-25. You'll get 15 hours of mount rental at level 20 which will hold you until you have the cash.
  • You can sell mounts in the auction house, which is currently a nice way to turn gold into AD.
  • Standard mounts will increase your movement speed by 50%, anything more (up to 110%) costs a massive amount to get.
       This isn't an open world like other MMO games, so a mount is less important - but still useful.


  • If you have two items that are the same but one is bound to you and the other is not, they will not stack.
  • Some items that say 'cannot sell' on them, can in fact be sold through the auction house. For example, the bounty tokens you collect in each area.
  • Skill kits are very useful, when you can afford it pick up 5 to 10 of each so you don't run out - you don't need one type depending on your class.
  • There are three different levels of identification scroll needed to identify different level bands of gear (1-29, 30-59, 60). These are common drops, but when you're on the border you won't have
  • enough of the higher tier ones. You can buy them from the AD store (see below).
  • You can access the AD store anywhere by going to your inventory, going to the money tab, then clicking the Spend button next to the Astral Diamonds. This is only really useful for identification scrolls at the moment.
  • You'll get another bag eventually (total of two additional), but if you want more space you have to pay heavily for it.
  • There is very little to spend gold on, it's mainly used for health potions and injury kits. Mounts are 5G, companions 2G, and there are profession items to spend on now and again. So there is no real need to skimp on potions or anything else you need.
  • Your three hot-bar item slots (for potions, etc.) are actually inventory slots too, dragging items here will remove them from your inventory.
  • You won't get any gear that looks different until level 20-25.
    25 Power = 1 Damage
    Each AC on gear = 0.5% Damage reduction
    Save your AD, good level 60 gear is expensive!

Auction House/Mail

  • You can access the auction house to sell/buy from anywhere by pressing the hammer icon along the top, then pressing 'More like this' on one of the items. You can't pick up bought items though, you have to go to the post man.
  • The game is new-ish so prices fluctuate wildly.
  • Put a buy it now price on low level (< 60) items, they're only good for a few levels of play max.. by the time someone wins the auction, it'll be no good for them.
    Ultimately I stopped selling low level (<60) gear, it just doesn't sell. Enchants/runes/profession stuff/horses are the way to go.
  • You can end an auction you're running at any time and the item will go straight into your inventory (not through post).
  • When you sell stacks you sell them as a stack, so use SHIFT + DRAG to split items in your inventory first if you want to sell them separately.
  • If you think "wow, these are selling for a lot!" it's because the auction house recommended price thingy has messed up. Double-check prices by searching for the item yourself. You're not going to sell a skill kit for 200K sadly.
  • When you delete a mail message it will create duplicate entries for all your mail messages. Deleting a message will delete it and its duplicate. Because of this I've taken to going through all my                         mail to get all my cash/items, then delete it all after.


  • If you double click a stack of 4 or more you get a fuse interface where you have a chance to combining four into 1 of the next rank up.
  • Unless you're desperately struggling, enchantments are too expensive to use as you're levelling up for the small advantage they give. You'll only have gear for a few levels before moving on
       Enchantments cost for you to remove them.
  • There is no point in collecting these early on to fuse, later in the game the higher level ones are common drops. You can instead sell them in the AH for reasonable amounts the rest for gold.


  • Levelling these up is time-based, so start as soon as you can (Level 10) if you want to do this.
  • Currently in the crafting professions you'll not get much other than under-clothes that are actually useful (all the gear is terrible). Hopefully this will change in the future, but for now I wouldn't waste too much time messing with it.
  • You can access this interface through a web browser:
  • Leadership is a good one to invest in early as it doesn't require any resources, allowing you to quickly open up the other slots while gaining some XP/cash.
  • Skill kits are your best source of materials, but some can be purchased at the market if needed.
  • The profession item retailer in the market has two tabs, the second tab contains one-time purchase implements you'll need such as hammers, shears, etc.


Combat is skill based, so it'll take practice to get good at it.

  • Always pull the boss out of the room they start in if possible, so when their adds appear they don't join the fight.
  • Always focus on taking down the most annoying thing first, then the next, and so on.
  • Some areas will be filled with packs you find it hard to deal with, it's just a matter of working out the best way of handling them - there's always a way. Try different skills, companions, tactics, etc. If you still can't do it, ask for help/come back later.
  • You can just walk out of red markers if you do it quick enough to save stamina for when you really need it.
  • Buff powers will turn off when you go between an instance and non-instance, so always make sure you have these on when you change areas.
  • Powers that knock targets combined with large drops can be a very quick way of dealing with nasty enemies.
  • Some monsters are immune to various forms of control and knockback.
  • Pop one of every buff potion before going into a boss fight/tough encounter, particularly in dungeons.


  • When you reach level 15 you can use the Foundry to create your own quests. There is a button on the character selection screen. There isn't much in the way of documentation / tutorials about this yet, but more is coming all the time and official stuff will likely come soon.

If ive missed anything or something is a little off ..
let me know and ill correct it...

I'ts been a while since i've leveled from 0-60, but hope this helps



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